Re-inventing Healthcare

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The Story Behind

Providing information about health

Health Tap is an interactive Health Network dedicated to improving health and well-being that connects patients to physicians providing quick answers to health questions through mobile applications for free. I had the opportunity to redesign the entire product platform with the Healthtap team in a very fast pace and a tight deadline. In a startup spirit, the sense of urgency was reinforced every day. I worked close to the CEO, engineers, product managers and other designers to make sure that the product was well-designed. This was a cross-platform product, meaning that it had to work well on web, iPhone, android phones and iPad. Many iterations were made to assure the responsive design of the platform. This product also had double-experience-apps: There was an app version for doctors and an app version for patients. It was almost 2 different products with different user experiences. I contributed to both versions.

  • UX and Visual Design
  • Health Tap Inc
  • Mobile application
  • 2011
  • Available on App Store

  • When I joined the company,
    I was challenged with the question:
    How can we redesign the healthtap product entirely?"

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My Contribution

Based in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley, Health Tap raised more than 13 million dollars in investments over a period of the first year. I joined the company to lead the design of a new version of the main product. This new product version led the company to the second round of investments (24mi).

My Role

My primary responsibilities on the UX team were: Visual Design, UX Strategy (User Story Mapping, Personas and Scenarios; Ecosystem and Product Definition); Interactions Models (Wireframes, System Flows and Prototyping); Testing and Validation (Measure the success and identify points for improvement, collect feedback from users and stakeholders to address them iteratively)

The User Point of View

The doctor (helping others)

Doctors are the key for this product. For this reason, they have their own application which helps them to answer patient’s questions faster. It is a gamified platform that give them rewards and thank you notes. This allows doctors to help people and get known in the medical network. We talked with many doctors and followed up with them daily to make sure the product was easy to use and beneficial for their patients.

The chronic disease patient (helping yourself)

Everyone has many questions about health, but they usually don’t know where to look for answers. Sometimes all they need is the right advice. In order to facilitate the access to information, Health tap provides this free platform with questions and answers and a network that connects doctors and patients. The user support team worked closely to the design team to help us to understand what users were struggling the most. In this video, we have Megan. She is a Health tap user who found out she had cancer by asking questions on Health tap platform. As designers, we tried to touch delicate situations like that with a lot of care.

The Newborn child father (helping loved ones)

Not only primary users could get advantages of the platform, but their loved ones as well. We wanted to make sure that the product was allowing users to ask questions related to who they care about. In the video, Tristen is a Health tap user who had the opportunity to help his newborn son by using the platform. He was worried about rashes on his son, by asking questions on the platform, he found out it could be an allergy caused by the laundry product his was using. And that was right. Sometimes, all users need is a quick relief.

  • Preparing for launch

Delivering to the users

After all the hard work, comes the day we launch the product. An important launch with lots of changes in the product is always exciting and scaring at the same time. Eyes on numbers and performance are extremely recommended.

What I would do better

There are many things I would do better for the HealthTap project. But the most important thing for me would be improving the quality assurance. Investing in quality insurance can delay the day of the launch or even require to cut some features, but it is very important that everything is in good shape. Especially be of unexpected bugs is too high. Making sure the product is at the top of quality assurance requirements should be a priority.

The Impact


After the launch of the new product, HealthTap got 38K licensed physicians connected in real-time, 7.5 million unique visitors every month, and more than 10 million questions have been answered on its platform to date. That was 10 times more than what we had when I started working on the product. In turn, HealthTap has served over 581 million answers to those seeking health device and, as of March 2013, over 3K people had sent thank-you notes to HealthTap, saying that these doctor answers had saved their lives.

HealthTap Lands $24M from investors

The new product created so much traction that, along with the growing potential of virtual health information networks, Healthtap has secured $24 million in series B financing. The new capital will also allow HealthTap to begin taking steps to open the significant amount of health data the platform has collected over the past two years to third-parties.

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