Re-inventing the online dating

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The Story Behind

The new generation of online dating

MeetMoi Inc., based in New York City, asked me to help them with the new version of their product, which was a geo-location based app for online dating. Even it sounds like Tinder, it is worthy to say that Tinder didn't exist at that moment. Meetmoi's first website provided full access to the product (search, browsing and matches). However, with a product essentially focused on a mobile experience, should the web be targeted? That was part of my job to figure it out.

  • Product Design
  • Meetmoi Inc.
  • Mobile application
  • 2011
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  • For the Meetmoi project, we had this very tricky question:
    How can we build a website that will increase the
    conversion rate of users moving to the mobile platform?"

The Web Experience

With several conversations with the team and strategy analysis, we decided that the website shouldn't give users full access to the product, which was primarily mobile. Also, most users were accessing the product on their mobile phones, not on the web. So, the challenge was to redesign an entirely simplified version of the website to address this issue and also to incentivize users to use the mobile application even more.

The Mobile Experience

Nowadays, people are connected in different ways and different devices. The mobile phone allows people to meet each other based on their location. Meetmoi is an app that allows people to find a good match around them. It is a fun way to meet people around.


MeetMoi had a complete website full of features. However, the web was not the direct target of MeetMoi. The team was not sure about what features should continue or removed. All we knew was that we wanted to encourage people to use the mobile app. To solve that, we started with paper sketches.

Several Iterations

After sketching some ideas, I did some mockups. But I had many open questions at that point, so I came up with several different solutions, pinned all them on the wall and discussed with the team.

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Focus on Smartphones

After conversations and experiments, we decided to take the risk by removing all features and promoting the mobile application heavily. So users would be encouraged to use the app and avoid the web version. That was a risk because we couldn't measure the impact of that, but we were confident that was the right way to do it.

The Mobile Experience

I worked with other designers and with the marketing team to redesign the product brand and as well as their new mobile app. Even if my primary role was not the mobile app redesign, I collaborated with the team in the iterations and design strategy. Our goal was to make this product to be "sexy and hot"!

The Impact

Over 3 million downloads!

The changes we did were meaningful and really acomplished what we were trying to achieve. The launch was a success and we had more people downloading the app. We reached 3 million users after the redesign and became the second most downloaded app in the Social Network Category at App Store. The app also called the attention of international media (see video bellow).


The result of this work apparently called the attention of the leading players in the online dating game. In 2013, Meetmoi was acquired by

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