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The Story Behind

Visual and Information Discovery

Soundbite is a beautiful visual app for discovering compelling stories from people you trust. Users can follow people to see what they are reading or like, share and discuss soundbites. The mission at Soundbite is simple, Soundbite is a beautiful visual app for discovering compelling stories from people you trust. Users can follow people to see what they are reading or like, share and discuss Soundbites.

  • Product Design
  • Samsung Accelerator
  • Mobile application
  • 2015

  • Soundbite's challenge was to create a simple application in wich users can follow and read news that highlight imagery.

The scenario

Studies have showed that the young generation puts more weight on visual information compared to previous generations. The success of Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest combined with short tweets can be used as an example. The amount of information that is delivered now encourages people to read more news headlines than full articles.

The Opportunity

The Soundbite team saw this scenario as an opportunity to explore images and short excerpts of published news.


The name for the application came easy. Soundbite seemed the perfect name for an app the collects short extracts from news.


For the symbol, I wanted to explore the quotes that are common in extracts. After many iterations I came with a version that combines quotation marks to shape the letter S.


The colors of the logo had to match the colors for the UI. We did it together with the team. I experimented many different palettes. That was a hard decision, but we were able to find an agreement at the end.


I picked "Aktiv Grotesk" for branding typography. This font is easy to read and the weight variation allows me to better organize the texts. Grotesque fonts have been hugely popular over the past fifty years, with designers and font-users choosing them for their neutrality, contemporary feel, utilitarianism, and seriousness. Aktiv Grotesk worked great on the logo.

A simple flow

The basic flow is simple:
A. User chooses an article,
B. Selects the excerpt,
C. Selects the image,
D. Review,


Even if with a simple flow, we had many "mini-challenges". The first one was on facilitating the access of the user to the article URL. Users would need to find an article outside the app, copy the URL and then paste on the app. Because that doesn't make the flow seamless, we explore ways in which the user would be able to find an article directly from Soundbite or have an shortcut from other application to Soundbite app.

Visual Design Iterations

With the flow defined, the next part was to explore visual design possibilities. For this project, we could not do user tests, so the decisions were made during team meetings.

User Interface Specs

The specifications helped the engineers to code the application sucessfully.


When users can't find a good image to post, they can choose a background to replace the image. In order to make the branding stronger, I created six different branded backgrounds.

UI Typography Review

The Aktiv Grotesk font worked great for the logo, but we needed an iOS font for the first release. After some studies, I picked "DIN" for the first release.

Next Steps

Increase number of users

The next steps for Soundbite is to increase the number of users. After the Beta Test, we identified several opportunities for improvement that can make the application more compelling.

Increase eengagement

During the Beta Test, we noticed that users were losing engagement after some a week, in average. New features should come next to increase the engagement of users.